Race 3 Handicaps

The handicaps for Race 3, the Kel Pell Handicap sponsored by the Bridge Hotel, to be contested over 6.5k at Notley's Reserve in the Whipstick Forest on Sunday May 20th have been released:

Perdon Storms to Victory!

Race 2 of the Bendigo Athletic Club has been won with ease by young club runner, Lachlan Perdon.

33 runners lined up in the 6.5km John Burke handicap sponsored by Mark and Helen Ruff held out at No.7 Reservoir.

Starting off on a handicap of 12 minutes and 30 seconds with fellow club runners ‘Rick Ermel’ and ‘Nick Edwards’, Perdon had some work to do to fend of Ermel and Edwards as well as catch the 21 runners in front of him.


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