Brother vs Brother

It was a clash of two siblings in the junior 1km today, with Baxter and Jack Parker being the only two juniors brave enough to line up in today’s icy conditions.

Giving his brother a 5 second head start, Baxter went to work in catching his rival brother.

Baxter proved the more determined of the two brothers on the day, racing to victory in a time of 5:01, however Jack put up a good fight to make his brother work for his win.

Relaxed Relays Produce Great Results

This Sunday saw a change in direction for members and guests of the Bendigo Athletic Club.

The usual format of runners competing separately for individual success made way for a more relaxed racing environment with the running of the annual Barry Stevenson Relay event kindly sponsored by Central Test.  The event held at No. 7 Reservoir in Kangaroo Flat, saw family members competing with & even against each other with many friendly rivalries amongst other members and some new faces as well.

Bailey cements himself into 1st place

Concreter John Bailey has taken out the win for race 10 of the Bendigo Athletic Club.

Bailey ran a time of 35:36, in the 8km event held at Woodvale recreation Reserve.

Starting in the middle of the field, Bailey began his pursuit of the four runners ahead of him.

Bailey hardened himself going into the middle stages of the event, catching Mark Perdon, and overtaking Richard and Rhonda Schultz before overtaking Kane Ellis.

Harper-Lee takes out the competition with glee

After running just short of a win in 6 races this season, Harper-Lee Basten has finally claimed victory, taking out race 9 of the juniors in a time of 6:11 to just hold off the fast finishing Parker brothers, Baxter and Jack.

Harper-Lee can add today’s win to her impressive collection of placings this season including three 2nd placings and three 3rd placings.

After witnessing his dad Adam’s fast finishing feat, Baxter went full pelt during the home stretch of the juniors, beating his brother to the line by less than a second.

Nolan Dominates The Competition

Jacob Nolan has taken out the win for race 9 of the Bendigo Athletic Club at Notley’s Reserve.


Nolan started at the back of the pack in the 6.5km Schultz and Stewart Landscaping sponsored run and had some work to do in order to catch the 14 runners ahead of him.


Passing fellow backmarkers ‘Adam Parker’ and ‘Dan Ryan’ through the middle stages of the race, Nolan came upon the final hill of the race where the main group of runners were slowly ascending the 500m climb, being led by Kevin Shanahan and John Bailey.



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