The Club Mourns the Passing of Betty Martin

BAC members are mourning the loss of Betty Martin, wife of one of the pillars of the BAC, Ron Martin.

Ron, Life-Member, past President, tireless worker and supporter of the Club, had cared for Betty for many years while she courageously fought a number of serious illnesses.  Betty's health had prevented her from attending many Club activities in recent years, but whenever she was able to she was always a popular presence.

Honour Board Updated

Once the season was over local signwriter Ken Bruechert swung into action to update the Club's Hounour Board and record the names from Season 2016 for posterity.  One of our VCCL friends, Leeanne Callaghan, dropped into the Clubrooms and caught Ken hard at work.  Thanks for sharing the photos with us Leeanne!

Apparently Ken was heard to complain that Peter Hayes wouldn't give him a moments peace until the new Life Members' name was written up in gold lettering.  Wonder why that was?

Finally Findlay!

After competing for 19 seasons Grant Findlay finally snared the top prize this year.

At the Club's Presentation Night at Chaser's Function Room in the Lord's Raceway Complex Grant was announced as the winner of both the Flack Advisory Dick Kitt Final and the Rebel Sports Aggregate Award.

In his acceptance speech Grant thanked his wife and family for their support, his coach Phil Noden for his guidance, and said he felt he richly deserved his victory.

Other winners on the night included:

Club Champion: Michael Preece

Gary Hogan Trophy: Kevin Shanahan


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