Tanner Triumphs

Tanner Fear ran his fastest time in his fourth start with the Club and in so doing ran himself to victory in Race 9 at No. 7 Reservoir on Sunday.  Covering the 1k distance in the fast time of 4:03, Tanner gave his competitors no chance as he followed his big sister Jazlin's win in last week's event.

Jazlin backed up from her victory with a very creditable third place this time out, Harper-Lee Basten tenaciously holding on to second , making it three second places from her last three starts.

Rooster Crows Again!

Over 30 years after his first win with the Bendigo Athletic Club Chook Stewart is still adding to his collection of sashes.  At Huntly on Sunday the determined veteran left the field gazing at his tail-feathers as he stormed to victory in the 8k Central Trophies and Gifts Handicap.

Chook's closest challenger on the day was Lachlan Perdon.  By the finish Lachlan was a mere 9 seconds behind Chook despite conceding him 50 years in experience.

Wet Conditions Hold No Terrors for Fear!

Despite overnight rain making the course a little slippery in places first-year runner Jazlin Fear was not only fast but sure-footed in taking out the Junior 1k event at Huntly on Sunday.  In only her second start with the Club Jazlin ran an excellent 3:50, fastest time for the day, 17 seconds quicker than Jaymin Boulton.

Tenacious Isabella Ellis chased Jazlin home, finishing only six seconds behind in second place.  Isabella's bold effort resulted in her running a personal best of 4:33, four seconds faster than her previous record.

Wish Granted

After disrupted  training over the summer Grant Findlay approached this season more with hope than expectation.  However after finishing in the first 10 in 5 of his first 6 starts he started to believe that his wish to claim a sash this year might come true after all.


Jack Attack!

With the finish in sight Harper-Lee Basten thought she was going to claim her first win in a Junior race at Woodvale on Sunday.  That was until Jack Parker flashed past her in the finishing straight and went on to win Race 7 by three seconds.  Jack won two races last season and will now be looking to pick up another victory before this season is over.



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