The Club Mourns the Passing of Ron Martin

BAC members are mourning the loss of Ron Martin, one of the early pillars of the BAC.

As well as having a successful career as a competitor in both the track and cross-country spheres, Ron was also a friend and mentor of many of the runners he met during his long association with the Club. 

Ron also enlivened many BAC occasions by telling some of his apparently endless supply of humorous stories relating to running and the early days of the Club.  Few knew how to enjoy themselves as thoroughly as he did.

Ron was involved in the founding of the BAC and because of the respect in which he was held he was asked to become its President in 1993 and he served in that position for four years.  As a result of his long period of service to the Club he was awarded Life-Membership in 1992.

After stepping down as President Ron continued his association with the Club, often serving as time-keeper and always being willing to lend a helping hand wherever possible.  Ron's cheerful presence will be missed in the future and when the Club next gets together there will be a feeling that an important part of the fabric of the Club is now missing.

R.I.P. Ron Martin