Demi Defeats Rivals In Race 12!

On Sunday Demi Goodall-Hoffman took out the win for race 12 of the Bendigo Athletic Club.

The AL Parker Electrical sponsored event was held at the Woodvale Recreation Reserve venue and saw a field of 29 runners tackle a 5km course still recovering from recent downpours which included on some rocky terrain and tight bends.

However, the rough conditions suited Goodall-Hoffman, who managed to hold off 2nd placed runner Mark Perdon by eleven seconds with Kerry Ellis trailing a further seven seconds behind in 3rd place.

Sundays win was made all the more sweeter by Goodall-Hoffman’s massive season personal best improvement over the 5km from 32:03 down to 26:14.

On top of todays victory, Goodall-Hoffman also gained maximum points for the under 23 award, securing her victory as the under 23 champion for the season.

Fastest time went to Jacob Nolan in 17:44 from Dan Ryan in 18:17. Fastest of the women went to Ingrid Douglass in 21:34.

In the junior 1km, young runner Alirah Norton claimed her second win for the season.

Next Sundays 3.2km race is a non-penalty event, which will be held at the No. 7 Reservoir.

Category Results:

Women: Demi Goodall-Hoffman, Kerry Ellis, Ingrid Douglass

Under 23: Demi Goodall-Hoffman, Charlie Wardrop, Nick Edwards

Veterans: Mark Perdon, Kerry Ellis, Ingrid Douglass

Open: Dan Ryan, Aaron Norton, Matt Sullivan

Fastest: Jacob Nolan, Dan Ryan, Adam parker