'Tiger Balm Trio' Take Out Teams Relay

Yesterday was the Teams Relay event for the Bendigo Athletic Club and 7 teams of 3 lined up at No. 7 Reservoir in cold and windy conditions that made the course even more testing than usual.  Each runner completed a 3k leg before handing over to the next competitor.

At various stages of the event several different teams looked to have the upper hand but when the dust settled it was the ‘Tiger Balm Trio’ of Carol and Rod Stewart and John Bailey who prevailed.

While experience got these three over the line first it was the young legs of Girton student Nick Edwards who claimed second place for his team, passing Dale Lowe in the last kilometre in a close finish.

Relays are an opportunity to bring a team aspect into the usually individual sport of cross-country running and everyone involved enjoyed the change and the opportunity to cheer on their teammates and opponents.

Next week we return to traditional cross-country with Race 11 of the season being run over 6.5k at the Mandurang Cricket Ground, and another Junior 1k event will be held after the completion of the Senior run.

Relay Results:

RunnerTimeHandicapFinish TimePlace
Carol Stewart17:19.0   
Rod Stewart14:12.0   
John Bailey13:13.0   
Kerry Ellis16:42.0   
Kane Ellis13:42.0   
Nick Edwards13:08.0   
Ingrid Douglass12:52.0   
Charlie Wardrop13:36.0   
Dale Lowe13:20.0   
Terry Crome12:39.0   
Ryan Shelton14:59.0   
Matt Sullivan11:38.0   
Mark Perdon13:17.0   
Sebastian Rossi13:39.0   
Jacob Nolan09:56.0   
Demi Goodall-Hoffman15:25.0   
Joey McMahon13:43.0   
Lachlan Perdon11:36.0   
Isabella Ellis19:29.0   
Jack Parker16:53.0   
Baxter Parker14:54.0