Brother And Sister Tag Team Take The Win!

Today was the last junior race of the season, where the regular style of handicap racing was ditched in favour of a relay.

Each junior paired up to form a team all except Isabella Ellis who was tough enough to go it alone.

Brother and sister, Alexander and Harper-Lee Basten teamed up and easily beat the competition with a great team time of 14:00

Finishing behind the Basten’s was the other sibling combo of Georgia and Freya White running a team time of 15:42.

Behind the White sisters was the team of Milly Rose Goodall-Hoffman and Baxter Parker followed by the one girl team Isabella Ellis.

Tabitha Goode and Georgia ran well to finish in 5th place, finishing off the junior racing for the year.

 Alexander Basten 07:53.0 
1Harper-Lee Basten00:00.006:07.014:00.0
 Georgia White 07:36.0 
2Freya White01:25.006:41.015:42.0
 Milly Rose Goodall-Hoffman 08:35.0 
3Baxter Parker02:45.004:45.016:05.0
 Isabella Ellis 05:20.0 
4Isabella Ellis05:30.005:40.016:30.0
 Tabitha Goode 08:38.0 
5Georgia Ryan01:50.007:17.017:45.0