Ryan goes Flyin into 1st Place!

Ryan Shelton has taken the win for race 8 of the Bendigo Athletic Club.


It was another close race, this time between Shelton and Lachlan Perdon in the Old Boundary Hotel sponsored 3km at No. 7 Reservoir.


Capitalising on race favourite, Paul Bennett’s absence, Shelton set off at a strong early pace to quickly overtake most of front markers.


However Perdon, who started behind Shelton, was quickly gaining momentum, passing through the main pack of runners and eying off the first place himself.


With less than 500m to go it turned into a duel between Shelton and Perdon with both runners giving everything they had right to the finish.


However Shelton was just able to just hold off Perdon and take home a well-earned win in a time of 14:09, just one second clear of the runner up, Perdon.


Today’s win is well-deserved one for Shelton who has had to endure a winless drought since his last win in 2014.


A great race from Perdon too who has improved dramatically in placing’s with todays race in regards to his previous 9th position in last Sundays race at Mandurang.


Another close race also ensued from another group of runners. 


Backmarker Jacob Nolan thought it was business as usual as he prepared to pass 2nd fastest runner “Adam Parker”.


However Parker was determined not to let Nolan go this time and latched onto Nolan as Nolan tried desperately to shake off the persistent Parker.


As Nolan and Parker made their way up the final hill, Nolan began to pass 3rd fastest runner, “Dan Ryan” who had also had enough of seeing Nolan’s back and made a furious attempt to outrun Nolan going into the last 500m.


As the three runners approached the finish line, Nolan spotted Carol Stewart, the current third place runner ahead and made a dash to take the 3rd placing away from Stewart however his effort was too little to late, as Stewart beat Nolan by an inch to the finish line.


Category results:


Open: 1st Ryan Shelton, 2nd Adam Parker, 3rd Dan Ryan.


Fastest: 1st Jacob Nolan (9:50), 2nd Adam Parker, and 3rd Dan Ryan.


Women: 1st Carol Stewart, 2nd Rhonda Schultz, and 3rd Ingrid Douglass.


Veterans: 1st Carol Stewart, 2nd John Bailey, and 3rd Tony Sait.


Under 23: 1st Lachlan Perdon, 2nd Jacob Nolan, and 3rd Reza Azimi.