Junior Presentation Day

On Sunday after the season-ending Junior Relay the Club held Junior Presentations at the clubrooms at the Tom Flood Sports Centre.

All participants received trophies and awards for their efforts during the year, as well as a bag of sport-related items provided at a discounted rate by Club sponsor Rebel Sport.

Two of the major awards presented were the Champion Girl and Champion Boy sashes.  All runners are eligible to earn points towards this award at each race during the season, the points being awarded on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis in order of the fastest runners of each gender in that day's event.  Champion Girl this year was Isabella Ellis, and Champion Boy went to Connor Findlay for the second year in a row.

The main award is the Season Aggregate sash and trophy, for which points are awarded each week on the basis of finishing order in that day's race, with a bonus for the winner.  Champion Girl for 2016, repeating her 2015 success was the consistent and always improving Isabella Ellis.  Livinia Douglass took the trophy for second place and Oliver Stewart third.