Tanner Takes Two!

The tracks at No. 7 Reservoir seem to suit Tanner Fear very well and he made the most of them again on Sunday.  Having previously tasted victory out there in Race 9 in June, Tanner added Race 18 to his impressive record in his first year with the Club.


Catching and passing Baxter Parker in the last 100 metres of the 1km event Tanner went on to win by 3 seconds with Baxter holding on for second.  Livinia Douglass showed a late season return to form, finishing third with a much improved performance.


Tanner time of 4:12 was the fastest on the day, although it must be admitted his sister Jazlin’s time of 4:21 is even more impressive when you take into account that she’d run the Senior 3.2km event before the Junior race.


With Race 18 marking the end of the regular season for the kids, next Sunday will see a special Junior Relay event to be held at the Huntly Livestock Exchange.  At the conclusion of the relay Junior Presentations will take place at the Clubrooms from 12:30 p.m.  All kids who have participated during the season are invited to attend with their families.